The Rite: Out Today!

Yes, dudes and dearies, The Rite is out today. Please head over to your nearest movie store, electronic store, Netflix, or what-have-you and be sure to watch Colin O’Donoghue in all his American-accented glory. And as you can see, it features a “chilling alternate ending.” Well. 

Colin Currently Filming “Identity” Pilot for ABC

Colin is currently in Montreal filming the pilot episode for the ABC drama Identity. Colin is taking on the lead role of John Bloom, a former undercover FBI agent. The show is a remake of an ITV drama.

Speaking to us about the project, Colin informed us that he is absolutely thrilled to be working on such an interesting project and is grasping the opportunity to work some of the industries finest. “This role has got so many different elements to it, I feel it will really challenge me as an actor but I believe that putting in the hard work will pay off with an enthralling pilot”

Colin also told us that Montreal is “stunningly beautiful and bloody cold”, but he is really hoping to get to explore the city over the next few weeks.

Yes, ladies and gents, he’s quite married. 

Yes, ladies and gents, he’s quite married. 

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